INVITATION - XXII (Hot Air Balloon Championship of Poland and Mountain Balloon Competition 2022)

  • 2022-08-26 08:53:14

Dear balloon pilots, we are happy to invite you to the 22th International Mountain Balloon Competition in Krosno which will take place from 5th October to 8th October, 2022. See the terms of participation.

Fill out the registration form

If you wish to be included on the start list please send your application with the pilot`s name and surname, balloon registration numbers and the confirmation of payment of the registration fee to:
Fundacja Otwartych Serc im. Bogusławy Nykiel-Ostrowskiej 38-400 Krosno, ul. Staszica 6

Applications without the confirmation of payment will be considered invalid. The deadline for reporting is counted on the day the funds are credited to the account.


The registration fee is payable to The Boguslawa Nykiel-Ostrowska Open Hearts Foundation, 38-400 Krosno, 6 Staszica Street
PL 54 1050 1562 1000 0090 8001 3312

Please, give the information to the invoice.

Payment till 20th September:
-pilot and 2 crew members - 150 EUR,
-pilot and 3 crew members – 200 EUR,
-an additional member – 60 EUR.

Payment after 20th September:
-pilot and 2 crew members – 185 EUR
-pilot and 3 crew members – 235 EUR
-an additional member – 75 EUR

During competition, all pilots have to use Balloon Live Sensors. It is possible to rent it for 35 EUR, limited quantity.

The entrance fee includes:
-catering (early breakfast, breakfast, dinner) for teams of 3 or 4,
-gas for all the competition flights and night shows,
-maps for the pilot and the ground crew,
-attractive awards and gifts.

IMPORTANT! The entrance fee does not include accommodation. There are hotel rooms booked for the competitors by the Organizer. The allocation of the hotel rooms will be processed on a first come first served basis. Official website:

Deadline for applications: 20th September 2022 r.

Download: Invitation in .pdf