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Witaj w GZB!

Nie wszystkie funkcje dostępne są na urzędzeniu mobilnym takim jak telefon lub tablet. Prosimy - surfuj po naszej balonowej witrynie także z komputera stacjonarnego lub laptopa :) W razie problemów najszybciej skontaktujesz się z nami przez facebooka. Z balonowym pozdrowieniem - Sztab GZB!

Weź udział w majowym weekendzie
Take part in the May balloon weekend with the whole family

Experience an adventure with balloons, but don't think that it will be easy :)

A marathon of emotions from dawn to dusk.

A long weekend awaits you, full of emotions, getting up early, attractions, recreation and relaxation.

Video Images
XXIII Mountain Balloon Competition in Krosno / photo Michał Romanowski
Czuć emocje i majestat balonów
Feel the emotions and majesty of the balloons

Be at the Market Square in the evening

Say hello to the balloon crews from all over Poland.

On the first day in the evening, the Inauguration Ceremony of GZB will take place on the Market Square. Get to know the crews up close, see the majestic entry of the crews into the Market Square accompanied by hot burners. Feel the emotions - this is just the beginning!

To będzie dłuuugi dzień
It's going to be a long day

Set your alarm early

You can be very close to the crews, almost accompany them during the morning briefing at the MOSiR Hall.

This is where it is decided where they will start. This is where all the nuances of the start are decided. Crews gather for a morning briefing around 5:30 a.m., for an afternoon briefing around 5:00 p.m.

Wybierz się w teren z załogami
Take to the field with crews

Participate actively in the field

Take your family and go together in the field to admire the crews from very close.

Crews often took off from the vicinity of the Krosno airport, green areas near the MOSiR Hall, the Korczyn-Sporne area, the Odrzykoń area, the airport in Łężany, and Głowienka.

Poznaj zabytki Miasta Szkła
Explore the sights of the City of Glass

Explore the city and taste regional specialties

Krosno offers many tourist attractions and places with good food.

We recommend visiting the Parish Tower, the Old Town area, and resting in Jordanowski Park. The recreational zone, open from early afternoon at the MOSiR Hall, offers many catering stands, including: with regional dishes - you will definitely find something for yourself!

Moc gier, animiacji i atrakcji dla rodzin
Lots of games, animations and attractions for families

Come to the Recreation Area in the afternoon

Take your family and relax in the sun lounger area with good food, attractions and animations for children.

Games and competitions for children with an amusement park and concerts. Get as close to the balloons as possible!

Balony na uwięzi
Tethered balloons

Have fun late into the evening at the Night Show

Nightly tethered balloon shows they take place most often at the MOSiR Hall and in the Market Square.

Experience the night sky illuminated by balloons. Enjoy balloon magic with your family and friends.