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Bogusława Nykiel-Ostrowska zdj. 1

śp. Bogusia

„People are like the wind. Some people fly through life easily and nothing remains after them; others blow like winds, so their hearts are broken like trees after a hurricane. And others know how to do it. Enough so that everything can bloom and bear fruit on time. And what remains is the beauty of our world.”

For friends, acquaintances... Bogusia. Boguśka. Sometimes Bogusława, and then simply Boguśka. Crazy, lively, energetic, feisty. Often impossibly tired. Determined, not accepting impossible things. "Where the devil can't go, he will send Boguśka" - that's what they used to say. Colorful and extraordinary.
Bogusława Nykiel-Ostrowska zdj. 2

Establishment of the Foundation

Her friends and husband founded the Foundation in July 2004. The Open Hearts Foundation, which was to continue the events organized by Bogusia and help people with cancer. To this day, the Mountain Balloon Competition, the aviation and sailing weekend "Solińskie Żywioły i Pasje" (formerly "Two Żywioły-Dwie Pasje") are held. The foundation also does other good things, collecting funds for the treatment and rehabilitation of many people.